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Media Training Courses

Pick any of the Dynamic Masterpiece Practical Media Training Courses
Duration: 3 Weeks
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Duration: 6 Weeks

Social Media Marketing Course

Duration: 1 Week
Duration: 6 Weeks
A Decade and a Half of Multimedia Productions, Publications, Broadcasts and Training!

About Us

Welcome to Dynamic Masterpiece, your premier destination for cutting-edge multimedia solutions. Established in 2010, Dynamic Masterpiece has been at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled services in voice-overs, photography, media training, media relations, video production, website design, and the creation of captivating TV and radio advertisements.

At Dynamic Masterpiece, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of services, which extends to the setup and management of social media platforms, expert training in platforms like Canva, and services such as  photography, video production, graphics design, events management, live-streaming, and news coverage and reporting.

As a company deeply rooted in innovation and creativity, we continuously evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Beyond traditional multimedia services, we also delve into the realm of cinema productions and shows. Our community  outreaches and transformations extent to reality shows. Join us on a journey where every project becomes a masterpiece in its own right.

Delivering corporate, business, projects, events and celebratory videos and photos.

Photo & Video Productions

Social Media Services

Platform setup, Branding, Promotions & Events.


Pages & groups.


Groups & Channels.


Business WhatsApp.


Content & Channels


Business Spaces.


Periodic & Instant.




Business Tweets.


Business Instagram.

Let us Setup, Design, Brand & Manage Your Online Meetings.

We make it easy for you to succeed with online meetings.

We Create and Manage Online Meetings.

Invitations, Attendance, Recordings, Reporting, Meeting Transcriptions.


Meetings on Zoom.

Google Meet

Meetings on Google Meet.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Media Productions

Let us deliver these media services for you.


Production of voice-overs for documentaries, narrations, adverts, movies and dramas.


Photo shooting and editing for projects, organisations, profiles, outreaches, research and events.

Video Production

Production of videos for news, documentaries, outreaches, marketing, meetings & events.

Adverts Productions

Full Production of Adverts for Radio, TV, Website and Social Media Platforms.


Concept, Design, Branding and Publication of Newsletters, Magazines Brochures & Books.

Live Streaming

Equipment, team setup, branding and comprehensive recording and live streaming services.

Website Designing

Website planning, domain address, hosting, branding, designing and web management.

Events Consultancy

Conceptualization, designing, planning, management and execution of diverse events.

Recent Services

SERVICE: Website Creations and Management; Multimedia Productions including Newsletters, Articles, Photography and Video Content.
SERVICE: Delivering a one week training on Social Media Management, Canva Media Productions, Photography, Media Editing and Event Media Coverage.
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